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What a difference a radiator cover or bespoke purpose built unit makes!

Many people do not fully comprehend the visual effect that can be made by covering up a radiator . The change to your room will create a designer look! We know from experience that once you cover one up, you will realize, just how ugly radiators are !  

We all need radiators in our home and covering them up does not effect heat out put, so why not transform your home and give it a touch of elegance. With our creative radiator covers we aim not just to enhance the look of a room but also to make your space work better for you, by adding storage above and also to the side of your radiator you can see that there is a very functional aspect to them .

Lets face it you can never have enough storage, so it is only logical to try and create storage where ever possible, like in the wasted space above a radiator.

Why not decide for yourself, have a look through some of our before and after pictures to see the effect a radiator cover has!  We have also included a selection of alcove units and panelling units.